Welcome to Newberry House Montessori School, Lourensford

Newberry House Lourensford offers a Montessori-focused education including a sports programme, extra-mural activities as well as an aftercare service to children from toddler (18 months old) to High School (18 years).

The school is perfectly situated on the beautiful Lourensford Estate, nestled at the foot of the Helderberg in Somerset West.

About Montessori

Please click here to watch an informative and thought-provoking video or if you’d like to know more, please explore our website and read this article on the history of Montessori which should prove very interesting.

A Montessori education enables self-direction, co-operation and self-competitive activities that encourage a child to develop a strong self-image, high levels of academic and social competence, and the confidence to face challenges with optimism.

It balances freedom with responsibility in a highly-structured and prepared environment.

Equally important, it encompasses a holistic vision of the development of human beings from childhood to early adulthood. Montessori educated children are problem-solvers who can make appropriate choices and decisions, manage their time, and work well with others.

Montessori education is a logical and consistent plan of education that follows a rigorous curriculum which allows the child to be “followed” from one developmental stage to the next.

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